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Fun Facts about Dolphins

Age Span Of A Dolphin

In Captivity Dolphins can live up to 40 years and more, however in the wild their years are consideratly reduced. Scientist that have followed the lives of dolphins in the wild conclude that they only live 35 to 30 years.

When & How do they Sleep

While Scientist have studied dolphins using data from EEG results of dolphins in captivity they have observed that dolphins need to be awake in order to breath, otherwise the dolphin would suffocate. As a result of this fact it has been discovered that dolphin's train themselves to allow one half of it's brain to sleep at a time and they gain aproximatley 8 hours of sleep a day this way.

What do Dolphins eat

As you might imagine dolphins need plenty of energy. Their diet consists mainly of what is living in their environment which would be of course fish. Dolphins would eat Mackerel and Herring for high energy and also feed on Mullet, Cod and Squid. Squid being the lowest in fat the dolphin would have to feed on considerably more for energy than Mackerel or Herring

General Information about Dolphins

Dolphins can see really well both under the water and above the water. Dolphins have ears on both sides of their head and also use their lower Jaw to pick up surrounding vibrations so when used in conjunction with their ears they pick up sounds under the water as echoes. Dolphins also have a very keen sense of touch as they have densely packed nerve endings in their skin.

Dolphins, porpoises, and whales are called cetaceans. A cetacean is a creature belonging to a group of water living mammals that have no hind limbs and a blowhole for breathing.

A group of dolphins is called a pod. Pods can be as small as two dolphins and as large as a hundred or more dolphins.

Dolphins and whales have a fin on their back and it is called dorsal fin

A female dolphin, whale or porpoise is called a cow, a male dolphin, whale or porpoise is called a bull and a baby dolphin is called a calf.

More Fun Facts About Our Friends the Dolphins